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Wine Pairing
Wine pairing is available for just about every food. Pairing your wine and food will enhance a meal and turn it into a special occasion. A perfect wine food pairing makes a meal an experience. While the food recommendations below are professionally selected, everyone has a different palette. A food and wine match might be ideal for a sommelier but may not be the perfect match for your guests. Remember that these are only guidelines and a starting place for food pairing. Trust your own taste buds and eat and drink what you enjoy.

As a general rule, drink wines from light to dark with your meals. Just as meals start with delicate tastes and moves towards heavier tastes, so should the wines. For this reason, Champagne tends to go very well with appetizers or opening courses. White wine is usually a match for salads and lighter dishes, while a red wine pairs well with steaks and heavier sauces. An aged Port is often a perfect end to a meal, especially when sipped with chocolate.


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